Courses under NEIMS ITI


  • Eligibility: 10th Passed or equivalent
    Duration: 2 Years
    • Electricians learn about AC/DC fundamentals, AC/DC circuits, single and three phase systems, domestic and industrial wiring and installation, measuring techniques; transformers, AC/DC motor connections, their rewinding, servicing and troubleshooting; AC/DC generators, electrical appliances, batteries, panel boards, earthing, lightning arrestors, basics of power distribution etc. Sufficient practical along with theory is the main feature of this course. Basic Electronics has also been included in the syllabus due to the increasing use of electronic devices in motor control and other electrical equipment.


    • There is vast demand for I.T.I. Electricians. The Electrician Craftsman can work in Govt. Sector and Private Industries as a lineman, Wireman, maintenance electrician, electrical supervisor, electrical contractor, service technician, expert re-winder of motors, lab technician, electrical maintenance Forman etc.

    Options for self-employment

    • He can be a contractor of domestic wiring and industrial wiring. He shall be able to run his own electrical workshop and take up oil filtration of transformer on lines; setup own shop for rewinding of different types of AC/DC motors, generator & transformers, Panel board wiring, bus bar wiring and measuring instrument wiring.


  • Eligibility: 10th Passed or equivalent
    Duration: 1 Years
    • Diesel mechanics diagnose and repair the mechanical and electrical flaws of diesel vehicles and apparatus. Diesel mechanics diagnose engine trouble, destroy the engine when essential, and supplant or repair inadequate parts. They reassemble the motor and repair mechanical and electrical blames in development machinery. In most cases electrical diagnostic equipment is utilized to find issues – experienced diesel mechanics have the capacity to find an issue by listening to the noise in the engine. Mechanical parts are supplanted or minor changes made. Diesel mechanics likewise finish employment cards, outfit data on the parts that ought to be requested and aid in preparing learners. They regularly perform authoritative and administrative assignments. Working states of the diesel workman change as per the spot of work – for occurrence, an all around prepared workshop or ranch, boat or development site.

    Nature of Job:

    • Diesel engines are more strong and heavier than fuel engines. Likewise, they are more fuel productive than gas engines, to a limited extent in light of the fact that the higher pressure proportions found in diesel engines help change over a higher rate of the fuel into force. On account of their more noteworthy solidness and productivity, diesel engines are utilized to power the vast majority of the Nation’s substantial vehicles and gear. Diesel mechanics repair and keep up diesel engines that power transportation hardware, for example, overwhelming trucks, transports, and trains; development gear, for example, bulldozers, cranes, and street graders; and homestead hardware, for example, tractors and consolidates. A little number chip away at diesel-controlled cars. Diesel mechanics additionally benefit a mixture of other diesel-controlled hardware, for example, electric generators and compressors and pumps utilized as a part of oil well boring and watering system frameworks. Most diesel mechanics take a shot at substantial trucks utilized as a part of commercial ventures, for example, mining and development to convey metal and building materials, and by private and business trucking lines for general cargo pulling. Most light trucks are fuel controlled, and albeit some diesel mechanics might sporadically benefit gas engines, most work fundamentally on diesel engines.